Jonathan C. Primack, B.A. - LMT Lic.# 10789

Many people are under the impression that Deep Tissue Massage is simply massage with incredibly deep pressure. Quite frankly Deep Tissue Massage is so much more than that.

The human body is an amazing structure. There are many layers to what lies beneath your skin. In fact several areas of the body have muscle on top of muscle on top of muscle. While deep pressure may be one way to access those muscles which lie deepest in the body... can you imagine what that pressure is doing to the muscle tissue which lies above it...?


Often times that deep pressure we all crave can actually damage the muscles that lie between the therapist and the deeper muscles we are trying to work on.

So what is the solution….?

How do we ever really get to those deeper muscles without causing any harm to other muscles….?

Many therapists use bodywork modalities which massage the body from the outside directed into the body. Deep Tissue Massage is just the reverse ...My application of Deep Tissue Massage is a way in which we massage the muscles from the inside of the body outward.

Sounds simple and confusing all at once ….doesn’t it….. ?


By using steady pressure and moving the more solid structures of the body such as the underlying bones which can be found under the target area I am able to have a penetrating effect without causing structural damages to the other underlying muscles.

This approach to Bodywork is extremely effective in relieving muscle spasms as well as removing fibrous adhesions which may appear in the muscles to do injury or repetitive stress.

Often times when an individual has suffered an injury or is just experiencing pain the body will hold itself unconsciously in a compensatory pattern in an attempt to avoid that pain. This style of Deep Tissue Massage is excellent for breaking those compensatory patterns and re-establishing normal movement, regaining full range of motion , and of course in relieving the pain you may be suffering from.

The soul focus of any good Massage Therapist is to always have the clients best interest in mind. I feel that this style of Deep Tissue Massage does just that while still filling the clients need for a deeply penetrating effect on those areas of the body which are suffering from pain.

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