Jonathan C. Primack, B.A. - LMT Lic.# 10789

So often it seems that we move through this fast paced world we live in without doing the things we need to in order to take care of ourselves....

Sure ... now a days it feels like our lives are filled with so many issues that can cause us stress ..Work, school, family, more work, the dog , the weather, still more work, that darn traffic light that just won't change....All of this and so much more can place a lot of weight on a persons shoulders.

So why not let me remove some of that weight for you ..?

Why not take some time for yourself... ?

Why not give your self the gift of relaxation ..?


There is nothing like a rock solid Swedish Massage to "take the edge off'...

As in all my massage work the client's privacy, comfort and modesty are my highest priorities. You are kept warm and comfortable upon my table between two sheets, blankets are available as well. I only uncover the area of the body I am working, leaving you draped in complete modesty.

Helping you to relax and release all the stress that life can bring is my primary focus.


I take the time to work away those aches and pains that lurk throughout your body. Imagine long, deep, compressive strokes striping away the tension that crowds your inner space. Picture gentle passive stretching to help restore proper resting length to those tight muscles that are tugging at you. Soothing ..Relaxing ..Rhythmic...let me wash away all that stress.


The truth is...
The better you take care of yourself ...
The better you can take care of the rest of your life ...

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