Jonathan C. Primack, B.A. - LMT Lic.# 10789

Dr. Janet Travell was a brilliant woman and physician. She served two Presidential Offices, treating John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson as the White House Physician. Dr. Janet Travell is credited with several ground breaking techniques which revolutionized the field of bodywork. One of those specific techniques was the creation of Trigger Point Therapy. Today many Doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Licensed Massage Therapists all use this effective modality to relieve the symptoms created by Trigger Points.

You might be saying to your self... "Well that is very interesting Jonathan .but what exactly is a Trigger Point" ?

Well I am glad you asked...


The best way for me to describe it ..Is that a Trigger Point is one of those painful knots in your muscle that you just can't seem to get rid of. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Maybe you have one in your neck or maybe even in your shoulder. I bet if you reach up behind you and grab hold of your shoulder you will find a lovely knot sitting right there. Perhaps it is even a bit painful for you. The pain caused by a Trigger Point is often dull, deep, and aching.


Technically speaking a Trigger Point is an area of hyperirritability found within a taut band of skeletal muscle and - or its associated fascia. These areas of hyperirritability create tiny bumps or "knots" within the muscle tissue itself. These contraction nodules, as they are sometimes, called can develop any where in the body. Often times they are created by repetitive stress, overstretching of the muscle tissue, or a direct injury to the muscle. A Trigger Point can cause loss in Range of Motion, create muscle weakness, or even numbness in the affected area.

So how do you get rid of such a problem...?


Trigger Point Therapy is a proven technique in relieving soft tissue dysfunction. By using a form of manual intervention we can break the Trigger Point out of the muscle and return the muscle to its normal resting length. In other words by allowing me to create direct pressure on the exact location of the Trigger Point we can get the contraction nodule to release. It is important to applying stretching immediately afterward to the affected muscle in order to further help to restore the muscle to its relaxed state.

Believe me when I tell you there is not a client I have that has not directly benefited from this type of bodywork. Secretaries, Construction Workers, Dental Hygienists .. all different types of people have found Trigger Point Therapy just the type of bodywork they needed to help them relieve there individual chronic pain situations.

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